Treating ADHD Naturally

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, is the inability to focus or having a short attention span when engaging in an activity. It has been reported that anywhere from 3-5% of children have ADHD. The predominant treatment is stimulant medication, such as Ritalin and Adderall, to alleviate these issues. However, these are not catch all drugs that will help every child. A more natural, homeopathic way of treating them can help with specific aspects of the disorder that they are encountering, without the horrible side effects caused by ADHD medication.

Hyoscyamus niger

Hyoscyamus niger is part of a small genus of flowering plants that belong in the nightshade family. It’s commonly known as henbane or stinking nightshade and was used as a psychoactive agent several hundred years ago in continental Europe, Asia, and spread to England in the Middle Ages. It has been shown in clinical studies to reduce restlessness, fidgeting, outbursts, and general hyperactive behavior.


Anacardium is the fleshy part of the cashew nut and has been used to treat low self-esteem, impaired memory, and absentmindedness. It also helps with bolstering the sense of smell, sight, and hearing in those who have these senses affected. Kids with ADHD also tend to lack self-confidence and have a strong fear of failure that is eased with anacardium.

Arsen iod

Arsen iod is created by combining metallic arsenic and iodine. It can be very toxic, however it is diluted to an extremely small amount so that it can be taken without worry. It helps with the temper tantrums associated with learning new skills. It’s very difficult to learn something when you are unable to focus on the activity for too long.


Stramonium, otherwise known as thorn apple or Devil’s apple, has been used by medieval folk healers and Native Americans. In modern times, it helps those with severe hyperactivity and fits of rage, or excessive anger. In addition to fear of abandonment or the dark, a constant need to talk, sing, or laugh, and the tendency to be domineering or withdrawn around strangers.
Now, don’t go running out to your nearest drug store or website to purchase all of these treatments. This can be dangerous, and even deadly. It is best to seek help from a certified homeopathy who practices functional medicine in Denver, CO. They can help determine the best course of action that is suited for your child, and ultimately for your family.

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