Regulating Brain Waves with Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is a type of treatment that helps regulate brain waves. A patient is hooked up to a sensor while watching a movie, and when that movie triggers responses that are outside the normal range, it sends a signal back to the patient. The brain receives these cues and helps the brain adjust right back to normal patterns. By resorting to this arrangement, the brain learns to stay well within normal ranges, given enough time and training. This helps keep irregular brain activity on the low.

Treatment for Anxiety Disorders

This ability to adjust brain wave activity is also why mental health experts are looking into the treatment as a possible cure for anxiety disorders, says Mental Health Daily. People who suffer from anxiety disorders usually have genetic abnormalities that could be magnifying their brain’s fear response.

The Fear Response

A lot of those who suffer from anxiety disorders have a hard time turning off their fear response. While that fear response helps us react swiftly and decisively in times of danger—for instance, being chased by a rabid dog—could trigger not just fear but adrenaline responses that help us deal with the situation. However, those who can’t turn off their fear response won’t be able to think through the situation, much less logically deal with it.

Regulating Your Brain Waves

That’s where this treatment comes in. It helps patients who suffer from anxiety gain more control over their fear response. They can steadily correct their brain’s abnormal fear responses with the treatment. With enough time and training, they could successful shut down the anxiety-generating parts of their brain whenever it isn’t relevant. This won’t just allow them to think situations through without fear distorting their actions, it’ll also give them a chance at a normal life.

Brain Wave Patterns

It’s generally thought that those who suffer from anxiety have beta wave activity that’s faster than normal. However, don’t start your treatment on such generalizations. It’s still always best to make sure the doctor checks first to determine the abnormal brain wave activities you might have. This way, it’s easier to know which treatment is the right one for you.

If you or someone you know suffers from debilitating anxiety disorders, then consider taking a chance on this treatment. With enough time and consistent training, it might just be the treatment to turn your life or your loved one’s life around. For more questions about neurofeedback treatment in Denver CO, you can always contact a local treatment center such as Parker Integrative Health.

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