Parker, Co Residents Diagnosed with Diabetes Need to Seriously Consider Nutrition Support that Can Help

Understanding how various foods as well as the amount of foods you consume affect your blood sugar levels is the first step in making better informed decisions about just what you eat. The foods you eat are made up of fat, protein and carbohydrates, all of which have some effect on your blood sugar levels. Parker, Co residents diagnosed with diabetes need to seriously consider nutrition support that can help.

The foods you eat that are high in carbs have the most prominent effect on blood sugar levels. Starchy foods like pastas, potatoes, rice, breads and cereals as well as milk, fruits and yogurts contain the most amount of carbohydrates. Many of these foods are healthy and need to be included in your diet.

Proteins have the least influence on blood sugar levels. proteins can be found in nuts, some dairy products and in animal products likes meats. In order to function properly, your diet must consist of necessary proteins.

Since foods with high levels of fat tend to slow down the speed in which your stomach empties, blood sugar levels tend to be lower right after a meal but will spike later. To help reduce your risk of heart disease, a health threat diabetics suffer, choose foods that are low in fat.

One key factor in managing your blood sugar levels is keeping track of the carbohydrates you consume. Eating less carbs will help reduce your after-meal blood sugar levels as well as better control your weight.

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