Myths & Facts About Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback can seem like a scary process. What is it? Can it really work? For those people who are tired and even frustrated with the lack of progress in reducing their pain from traditional options, the use of this alternative treatment may be beneficial. For some, it is life changing. Consider a few of the most common mistakes and myths about it.

It’s not effective.

This is the most common mistake people believe. They believe there is no research to back up the claims of neurofeedback. As noted, this isn’t true. The American Medical Association and various other organizations support it as a way to improve pain and mobility.

It’s crazy magic.

Because of the way it works, many people do not understand that neurofeedback is truly based on science. Some people believe that the person learns how to control his or her brainwaves. Others believe that it is a type of magical solution that can cure everything. The truth is, neurofeedback is some place in the middle. It is capable of helping people to improve the way their brain works to reduce pain symptoms, but it is not going to cure all health problems.

It doesn’t work with anything else.

Another common myth is that a person using medications, chiropractic care, or other types of treatment for their pain cannot use neurofeedback at the same time. This is not the case. In fact, it is possible to see significant improvement when a variety of treatments are applied, giving the body the best possible chance to heal and improve overall function.

Overall, neurofeedback is a noninvasive way of controlling pain. With no risks and so much potential, anyone in the Parker CO area should give this type of treatment a try. It could change their life.

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