How Do You Get Rid of a Stiff Neck?

Have you ever woken up with a stiff neck? Or had to sit in an awkward position for an extended period that ended with a sore neck? Or perhaps you have chronic neck pain and are ready for some relief? Regardless of the reason for your stiff neck, there is pain associated with it. Those pain sensors are signaling to your brain that you need to slow down and take care of yourself. Here are a few suggestions for neck pain relief.


One way to relieve some of the tightness in your neck is to stretch those muscles. This can be done by slowly nodding your head up and down or tilting it side to side. You can also do slow head circles. Avoid quick movements and heavy activity as that can aggravate the muscles even more.

Heat and Ice

Both heat and ice can be applied to help ease the pain. Start with ice and apply it to the area for about 15 minutes. Then apply moist heat to the area for about 20 minutes. Repeat this process for every couple of hours to achieve neck pain relief.

New Pillows

If you notice that your neck stiffness is occurring after sleeping, the cause could be poor pillow support. You can try getting new pillows that will support you neck better during the night. Depending on how you sleep, different pillows will be better for you. If you sleep on your side, a pillow that props your head up is a better choice. If you sleep on your back, you want a pillow that keeps your chin from reaching towards your chest.

Pain Medication

Medication can be used for temporary relief, but should not be used as a permanent solution to your neck pain. If you are experiencing chronic neck pain, you should seek medical attention.

Medical Care

There are several different routes you can take if you feel that your pain is severe enough that it needs medical attention. Massage therapy is one option for neck pain relief. There are also solutions available through chiropractic care and peripheral neuropathy. Meeting with a doctor to discuss your symptoms can help determine which solution is best for you.

A stiff neck is painful and can affect many of your daily activities. If simple stretches or adjusting your sleep habits do not relieve the pain, seeking out help from a chiropractor or other physician near Parker, CO can help restore your neck back to full functionality. For more information visit website Parker Integrative Health.

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