Low Thyroid

Low thyroid

Thyroid disorders are so very prevalent in today’s society. In fact, an estimated 20 million Americans are diagnosed with thyroid disease with a majority being hypothyroid or under functioning thyroid. An estimated 80% of these cases are considered Hashimotos’ disease which is actually a disease of the immune system in which you produce antibodies against your own thyroid gland.
We have trained extensively with some of the countries best alternative healthcare providers and offer natural solutions to support your thyroid disorder. The first thing we do with any case is a comprehensive exam and consultation to determine what is in fact, causing your problem.
Then we order the necessary labs through a co-op service which extends a very significant savings to our clients. We are very thorough and leave no stone unturned.

Common underlying causes of thyroid disorder that we have seen in our office include:

  1. Chronic inflammation
  2. Liver dysfunction
  3. Blood sugar imbalance
  4. Toxicities
  5. Nutritional deficiency