Signs You Need to Look for Neck Pain Relief

There are many reasons you may experience neck pain. Perhaps you were just camping in the local mountains and didn’t sleep well in the wilderness. Maybe your mattress isn’t what it used to be. Regardless of the reason, you may tell yourself it will pass in just a few days. However, sometimes that neck pain is just the start of something chronic, rather than being temporary. Here are a few signs you may want to seek better neck pain relief in Castle Rock, CO.

Painkillers Keep Wearing Off

If you can run down a list of pain medicine you have taken to no avail, this is your first warning the pain might be caused by something greater than meets the eye. Painkillers last for only so long. Before you know it, you’re back to where you first began.

If the injury is minor, the pain should go away within a few days. If weeks have gone by with no progress, consider looking elsewhere for neck pain relief in Castle Rock, CO.

Warm Water and Ice Fails

Usually, a hot bath or a cold ice pack around the neck will help. Giving your neck support and applying a cold compress to reduce swelling can do the trick. If both of these alternatives fail to achieve results, that isn’t a good sign.

Bed Rest Doesn’t Help

Is going to bed proving ineffective? If you’re waking up in just as much pain as you were in when you fell asleep the night before, it’s time to setup an appointment to see a Castle Rock, CO, doctor for neck pain relief.

If you’re ready to seek out more permanent neck pain relief, contact us. We can offer the treatments you need to get the relief you’ve been looking for.

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